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Data for Study 3 reported in Lewandowsky, S.; Cook, J.; Oberauer, K.; Brophy, S.; Lloyd, E. A. & Marriott, M. Recurrent Fury: Conspiratorial Discourse in the Blogosphere Triggered by Research on the Role of Conspiracist Ideation in Climate Denial Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 2015, 3, 142-178.

The layout of columns in the data file is as follows: columns 1-5: 1=subject # (random, no identifying information available of any kind) 2=search (1=depth first; 2=breadth first) 3=trial 4=comment ID 5=typeofComment (0=web; 1=PhD)


columns 6-10: responses on 0-9 scale to the 4 questions qmotives suspicion victim mustbewrong reasonablecritique


See Method section of paper for further details on interpretation.

The participant consent forms used by this study neither explicitly endorsed nor ruled out public posting of the data. I am therefore making the data are available to credentialed scholars only.

Creator(s) Stephan Lewandowsky
Publication date 12 Aug 2015
Language eng
Publisher University of Bristol
Licence Non-Commercial Government Licence for public sector information
DOI 10.5523/bris.x9l5r4178szi1cugi1xdu84yn
Citation Stephan Lewandowsky (2015): Recurrent_3.
Total size 101.7 KiB