Data as reported in Lewandowsky, S., Gignac, G. E., & Oberauer, K. (2013). The Role of Conspiracist Ideation and Worldviews in Predicting Rejection of Science. PLOS ONE, 8, e75637. (DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0075637).

The variable names are as explained in Table 1 in the article. See Method section of the article for further details on interpretation.

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Creator(s) Stephan Lewandowsky
Publication date 28 Sep 2015
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Publisher University of Bristol
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DOI 10.5523/bris.swyt56qr4vaj17op9cw3sag7d
Citation Stephan Lewandowsky (2015): PLOS ONE 2013.
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