MERIT-Urban Corrected DEM

The MERIT-Urban Corrected DEM of seven cities (Beijing, Berlin, London, Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge, Carlisle) can be found in 'MERIT-Urban Corrected DEM\city name\MERIT-UC'. The MERIT-UC is at EGM96 vertical reference system. Other data includes DTM and GDEM (SRTM, MERIT, TDM90, TDM90 WAM), the Random Forest layers used to generate the MERIT-UC of the above seven cities. Flood simulation results based on the four DEMs (LIDAR DTM 5m, MERIT-UC, MERIT and TDM90 at 3" resolution) of the flooding happened in 2005 January at City of Carlisle, UK are also included.

Details of file naming and location are explained below. This folder includes 7 subfolders named by seven cities. Within each subfolder(named by the city name), there are three subfolders, DEMs, MERIT-UC, and RF_layers. The DEMs folder includes 5 tif images: SRTM, MERIT, TDM, DTM, as well as the water mask named TDM_WAM. The MERIT-UC folder includes 1 tif image: the MERIT DEM_Urban Corrected. All DEMs are in the EGM96 vertical reference system. The RF_layers folder includes 5 tif images and 1 csv file: BD(building density),BH(building height),NTL(Night-Time-Lights),POP(population density) and Slope, NeighbFile.csv(the elevation of the target and its 8 neighbours). For city of Carlisle, there are two subfolders: City, FloodArea. The City folder includes the DEMs folder,MERIT-UC folder,RF_layers folder. The FloodArea folder includes the DEMs within the Flood modelling area of Carlisle. It includes 2 subfolders: DEMs, MERIT-UC. The DEMs folder includes the SRTM, MERIT, TDM, DTM. The MERIT-UC includes the MERIT-UC, and MERIT-UC_LF3 (low pass filter applied to MERIT-UC with a 3 by 3 window). The data is processed under a PC with Window10 opertating system. Code related can be found at

Complete download (zip, 969 MiB)

Alternative title MERIT-UC
Creator(s) Yinxue Liu
Contributor(s) Paul Bates, Jeffrey Neal, Dai Yamazaki
Publication date 26 Jan 2021
Language eng
Publisher University of Bristol
Licence Non-Commercial Government Licence for public sector information
DOI 10.5523/bris.m1pnu7m717tl2trjbcpti7tle
Citation Yinxue Liu (2021): MERIT-Urban Corrected DEM.
Total size 969 MiB


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