WiFi localisation of festival visitors

Deposit contains anonymous WiFi localisation data of festival visitors indicating if WiFi enabled devices are within the range of a detector (from: doi:10.1109/WoWMoM.2013.6583443) and derived from this sequences of locations visited by devices alongside properties of the locations.

This dataset is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY SA license.

Complete download (zip, 149.9 MiB)

Creator(s) Nikolai Bode, Christopher King
Publication date 23 Nov 2022
Language eng
Publisher University of Bristol
Licence Non-Commercial Government Licence for public sector information
DOI 10.5523/bris.7ob8ukji8iwp2n0l94n4ykc08
Citation Nikolai Bode, Christopher King (2022): WiFi localisation of festival visitors. https://doi.org/10.5523/bris.7ob8ukji8iwp2n0l94n4ykc08
Total size 149.9 MiB


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