Survey of Household Movement in Northern Ireland, 1974

To study housing movement caused by new construction for rental by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and new private construction for sale. To collect data in order to test a wide range of hypotheses from American work on filtering and from recent British studies./Main Topics:/Attitudinal/Behavioural Questions/Residence: place, type, date of construction, number of rooms/bedrooms, shared amenities, central heating, date of move, house with job./Details of tenure:/i. Renters: amount, rates, rebates, other regular payments (e.g. service charges), rented from Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) or private landlord, decisions for/against buying (reasons), application to NIHE (reasons for non-application), whether house offered/accepted/refused from NIHE (reasons)./ii. Owners: price, deposit, mortgage/loan, how money raised, repayments, rates, how estate agent selected, application to NIHE, length of time between application and response, whether house offered/accepted/refused, reasons for not renting. Reasons for moving, reasons for choice of present residence, temporary accommodation between move, whether family together, other areas where accommodation sought, household composition change. Method of search for accommodation, distance from previous residence, reasons for vacancy in previous residence (where appropriate)./Background Variables - Age of head of household, number of persons/earners/dependent children in household.

Creator(s) Hillyard, P.A.R., University of Bristol. Department of Social Administration
Funder Centre for Environmental Studies
Publisher UK Data Service
DOI 10.5255/UKDA-SN-446-1
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