Ecological Dataset for Use in Studies of the 1997 British General Election, 1980-1998

The purpose of this study was to produce an ecological dataset for use in studies of the 1997 British General Election and especially to be linked to data on individual voters in the 1997 British Election Study and related surveys.Many researchers interested in voting behaviour in Britain want to study individuals in their ecological (or geographical) contexts, but find this difficult because of problems in assembling relevant datasets. Most are constrained to studies at one particular spatial scale only and restricted to a relatively small number of census data variables. Ecological analysis is thus under-developed in British electoral study. To counter this, and to provide a much better resource base for studies of the 1997 General Election the project aimed to assemble a more comprehensive dataset to facilitate a wide range of ecological analysis and through linkage to the British Election Study allow individual voter's behaviour to be studied in geographical context.

Creator(s) Dorling, D., University of Bristol. School of Geographical Sciences
Funder Economic and Social Research Council
Publisher UK Data Service
DOI 10.5255/UKDA-SN-4006-1
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