Data from Transnational Mod Languages (09-2018)

Data from Transnationalizing Modern Languages (09-2018)

Transnationalizing Modern Languages: Mobility, Identity and Translation in Modern Italian Cultures (TML) (funded by the AHRC under the ‘Translating Cultures’ theme, 2014-17)

PI Charles Burdett, University of Bristol. CIs Jenny Burns (Warwick), Loredana Polezzi (Warwick/Cardiff), Derek Duncan (St Andrews), Margaret Hills de Zarate (QMU)

RAs: Barbara Spadaro (Bristol), Carlo Pirozzi (St Andrews), Marco Santello (Warwick), Naomi Wells (Warwick), Luisa Percopo (Cardiff)

PhD students: Iacopo Colombini (St Andrews), Georgia Wall (Warwick)

Below is a short description of the project. Within the repository, there is a longer description of TML and each folder is accompanied by an explanatory text.

The project investigates practices of linguistic and cultural interchange within communities and individuals and explores the ways in which cultural translation intersects with linguistic translation in the everyday lives of people. The project has used as its primary object of enquiry the 150-year history of Italy as a nation state and its patterns of emigration and immigration. TML has concentrated on a series of exemplary cases, representative of the geographic, historical and linguistic map of Italian mobility. Focussing on the cultural associations that each community has formed, it examines the wealth of publications and materials that are associated with these organizations.

Working closely with researchers from across Modern Languages, the project has sought to demonstrate the principle that language is most productively apprehended in the frame of translation and the national in the frame of the transnational. TML is contributing to the development of a new framework for the disciplinary field of MLs, one which puts the interaction of languages and cultures at its core.

The principles of co-production and co-research lie at the core of the project and TML has worked closely with a very extensive range of partners. It has worked closely with Castlebrae and Drummond Community High Schools and with cultural associations across the world. The project exhibition, featuring the research of the project and including the work of photographer Mario Badagliacca, was curated by Viviana Gravano and Giulia Grechi of Routes Agency. Project events in the UK have drawn on the expertise of Rita Wilson (Monash), the writer Shirin Ramzanali Fazel and all members of the Advisory Board. The project, in close collaboration with the University of Namibia (UNAM) and the Phoenix Project (Cardiff), has been followed by ‘TML: Global Challenges’.

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Creator(s) Charles Burdett
Contributor(s) Carlo Pirozzi
Publication date 28 Sep 2018
Language eng
Publisher University of Bristol
Licence Non-Commercial Government Licence for public sector information
DOI 10.5523/bris.1k66c9sl7ag0a2pxkal4txbcv1
Citation Charles Burdett (2018): Data from Transnational Mod Languages (09-2018).
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