Bristol 'Particular' Accounts and Port Books of the Sixteenth Century, 1503-1601

Transcription and translation of thirteen Exchequer 'particular' accounts and port books of sixteenth century Bristol written originally in Latin. These customs accounts cover eleven complete accounting years, running from Michaelmas (29 September) to Michaelmas. The years covered are: 1503/4, 1516/7, 1525/6, 1541/2, 1542/3, 1545/6, 1550/1, 1563/4, 1575/6, 1594/5 and 1600/1. The original documents are all in The National Archives in London. They were transcribed as part of the ESRC-funded project: 'Ireland-Bristol trade in the sixteenth century'.

Creator(s) Jones, E., University of Bristol. Department of Historical Studies
Funder Economic and Social Research Council
Publisher UK Data Service
DOI 10.5255/UKDA-SN-6275-1
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