The data.bris Research Data Repository is maintained by the University of Bristol Research Data Service. The Service is a Library-led collaboration with IT Services and RED.

The data.bris Research Data Repository is an online digital repository of multi-disciplinary research datasets produced at the University of Bristol. Data published through the repository are all openly available under a Non-Commercial Government Licence for public sector information, and each deposit is assigned a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

If you have discovered material that you believe to be a potential breach of copyright, or a violation of any law (including but not limited to laws on copyright, patent, trademark, confidentiality, data protection, obscenity, defamation or libel), please refer to the Research Data Repository Notice and Take Down Policy.

Using the Repository

Some deposits consist of a great number of individual files. For this reason the Repository has adopted an organisational principle similar to the familiar folder/sub-folder/file approach.

Listed at the bottom of each dataset page are either ‘Data Resources’ or ‘Sub-levels’.

Data Resources are files associated with the dataset (you can download them from the dataset page or click ‘Explore’ then ’More information’ to see the file’s own deposit information).

Where a depositor has used folders, you will be presented with a list of Sub-levels, which are synonymous with ‘folders’ and ‘sub-folders’. By clicking on a sub-level you can ‘drill down’ into the dataset and will either be presented with a list of Data Resources (associated files), further Sub-levels, or a mixture of both. All sub-levels are shown on the top level page.

You can elect to go ‘Up one level’ or go ‘Back to top level’ (back to the initial deposit record) at any stage.